It doesn't get any fresher: Saturday is farm shop day


We will be back for you in May!

Currently we are busy preparing the next season for you.


During the season we love to welcome you in our new farm shop every Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm! In the midst of the idyll of Gut Haidehof we sell exclusively our own products, which we have harvested fresh in the early morning hours before the opening. In the high season, we offer you a variety of uniquely well tasting vegetables, which thrive thanks to regenerative practices and the care of our dedicated farm team.

A visit to the farm shop is not only a decision for fresh natural products of the highest quality, but also a decision to support agriculture in your region. We look forward to your visit and we also like to take time to answer your questions.



1 unit 2,50 €

3 units 7 €

10 units 20 €


Opening hours: Saturdays 9-16