About us

In the midst of the more than 5,000 hectare environment and tourist project Regionalpark Wedeler Au lies the Haidehof estate on the edge of Wedel. In our immediate vicinity you find the Hamburg wild life park Klövensteen (580 ha); a unique recreational area with pasture, forest, moor and heathland and the adjacent wild game reserve that amongst other is home to red deer, muffle and wild boar.

Integrated in the extensive network of trails of the regional park, we can easily be reached on bike or by foot.


Our team

Since January 2019, we have been a farm team of close friends that build, grow and run the agricultural activities on Gut Haidehof. 

GutHaidehof FarmTeam

Starting from the left: Hannes, Astrid, Stephan (with chicken Alfredo), Alba, Bork

Project coordinator

Stephan new

Stephan is a physician specialised in intensive care medicine and anaesthesiology with decades of entrepreneurial and management experience in the medical device industry. He is a highly self-motivated, ardent firebrand who over the past decade has accumulated knowledge about regenerative agriculture, animal husbandry, low stress animal handling, and holistic management. He has travelled around the world in his quest; he is trained in permaculture at Schweibenalp (CH) and Ridgedale (SE), and is an Savory Institute accredited professional educator.


Garden manager

Alba new

Alba is a passionate market gardener with 8 years of experience in vegetable production systems. She possesses comprehensive knowledge about organic horticulture throughout the various growing seasons, and specialises in no-dig gardening. She has gained unique experience working all over Western Europe and has effectively managed numerous gardens and staff. She met Astrid in Denmark in 2018 and the two colleagues have become very close friends.

Garden manager

Bork new

Bork is trained as a waste-water engineer and has completed a Master in Integrated Water Resource Management. Before he embarked on the journey to regenerate our soils and grow delicious vegetables, he worked on wastewater treatment optimisation in Latin-America. He is part of a family with a long gardening tradition and worked on a organic farm close to Bonn (DE). As of 2020 he is jointly developing the Market Garden together with Alba.

Livestock manager

Astrid new

Astrid is a mathematician with an analytical and solution-oriented mindset. She taught maths at high schools for a number of years, before meeting Stephan as a co-intern at Ridgedale in 2016, the starting point of her farming career. She returned to Ridgedale in 2017 as farm manager and trusted farm sitter and worked on a related farm in Denmark in 2018 being responsible for the farm’s animals. Astrid has intimate knowledge about the various aspects of diverse, small-scale farming and is a skilled craftswoman with experience in planning and establishing farm infrastructure such as fencing, water systems, buildings, and tree systems.

Livestock manager & customer care

Hannes new

Hannes is trained as an environmental engineer and holds a Master´s degree in Natural Resource Management. Starting his first career in 2013, he worked as a project engineer in East and South-Africa where he began to see the connections between water, landuse, soil health and ultimately a sustainable human presence on earth. This is also, when he started to look towards more holistic and solution-oriented approaches to land management. After he returned to Germany in 2017, he worked on other regenerative farms and started a small consultancy for holistic landuse and regenerative resource management. In 2019 he started his accreditation with the Savory Institute to further strengthen the understanding of regenerative grazing systems. As of 2020 he is part of the Gut Haidehof team and takes care of customer relations and animal duties. 


Corinna 1



Our address is:

Haidehof 3
22880  Wedel