Regenerative agriculture at Gut Haidehof

The farm Gut Haidehof was founded in 1904  to supply food for the west of Hamburg. After having served as a horse farm in recent decades, we want to take up the original idea of the Haidehof again and practice sustainable and regenerative agriculture.


Surrounded by a colourful bee field, we have this spring created a very special vegetable garden. In addition to the great diversity, this tractor-free and space intensive cultivation, which is also known internationally under Market Garden, is the heart of our farm. In our daily work, we use innovative hand tools and mulching systems that minimise harmful soil compaction and promote beneficial soil life.



In the future, cattle will graze on our green pastures. Following the holistic grazing management of Allan Savory, the animals will move each day to a new piece of pasture where they will find fresh, green grass.

Laying hens will also be integrated into this pasture management. They are housed in mobile stables following behind the cattle. As a result, they live on pasture and find their food to a notable extend themselves: insects, seeds and grass.

Through this balanced pasture management, the soil can regenerate optimally and will grow enough healthy grass in the future even in dry years. As a side effect, we produce meat and eggs of highest quality.